Deyu Zhou, PhD
522 Computer Science Buidling
Jiulonghu Compus
Southeast University
Office Numbers: 025 52090861
Email Adress: d.zhou AT
Research synopsis:
My research interests mainly include natural language processing and deep learning, specially lie in some basic NLP tasks such as information extraction, representation learning, sentiment analysis, fact checking and text generation.
Before joining in Southeast University, I worked as a research assistant in Department of Hematology, University of Cambridge, under supervision of Professor Willem H Ouwehand. I got my PhD degree in University of Reading, under supervision of Dr. Yulan He. I got my bachelor and master degree from Nanjing University in 2000 and 2003 separately.
Recent Activities:
I teach Discrete Mathematics in spring semester for first year undergraduate students in School of Computer Science and Engineering. I also teach Natural Language Processing in autumn semester for third year undergraduate students in School of Artificial Intelligence.