Ziyun Zhang @ PALM, SEU


Ziyun Zhang
M.Sc. Student
PAttern Learning and Mining(PALM) Lab
School of computer science and engineering
Southeast University, Nanjing

Supervisor: Professor Xin Geng
Email: ziyunzhang@seu.edu.cn



2022.09 ~ Now

M.Sc, Department of School of Computer Science and Engineering , Southeast University, China

2018.09 ~ 2022.06

B.Sc, Department of School of Automation and Electrical Engineering , University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Research Interests

  • Machine learning;

  • Label distribution learning;

  • Multi-label learning;

Awards & Honors

  • China National Scholarship (2019, 2021);

  • President Medal of University Science and Technology Beijing (2022);

  • Silver Prize, “Challenge Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition (2020);

  • Excellent Graduates in Beijing (2022);





538, Building of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University.