Mofei Song (宋沫飞) & PALM, SEU


Mofei Song
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
PAttern Learning and Mining(PALM) Lab
School of computer science and engineering
Southeast University, Nanjing
Email -
Office - Room 508, Building of Computer Science and Engineering, Jiulonghu Campus, Southeast University, Nanjing, P.R. China.


Working Experiences

2019.01 ~ Now

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China

2017.12 ~ 2018.12

Principal Researcher of Blockchain, Suning Institute of Finance, China

2015.07 ~ 2017.11

Postdoc Fellow, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, China


2008.09 ~ 2015.06

Ph.D, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, China, supervised by Zhengxing Sun

2004.09 ~ 2008.06

B.Sc, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, China

Research Interests

  • Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Sketch-based 3D modeling, Data-Driven 3D Shape Analysis, Blockchain, etc.

Latest News

  • [Mar. 05, 2021] One paper published on the Visual Computer

  • [Nov. 24, 2020] One paper published on Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2020)


Journal Article

  • Mofei Song, A personalized active method for 3D shape classification. The Visual Computer, 2021, 37:497-514.

  • Mofei Song, Yu Liu, Xiao Fan Liu, Semi-Supervised 3D Shape Recognition via Multimodal Deep Co-training. Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2020), 2020, 39(7): 279-289.

  • Mofei Song, Zhengxing Sun, Hongyan Li, Accumulative categorization: Online 3D shape classification for progressive collections, Graphical Models, 2017, 89: 14-27.

  • Kai Liu, Zhengxing Sun, Mofei Song, Bo Li, Iterative samples labeling for sketch recognition, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017, 76(10): 12819-12852.

  • Wei Ma, Zhengxing Sun, Junlou Li, Mofei Song, Xufeng Lang, An improved artificial bee colony algorithm based on the strategy of global reconnaissance. Soft Computing, 2016, 20(12): 4825-4857.

  • Mofei Song, Zhengxing Sun, Kai Liu, Xufeng Lang, Iterative 3D Shape Classification by Online Metric Learning, Computer-Aided Geometric Design, 2015, 35-36: 192-205.

  • Mofei Song, Zhengxing Sun, An Immune Clonal Selection Algorithm for Synthetic Signature Generation, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2014, Article ID 324645, 12 pages.

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  • Mofei Song, Yaoye Zhang, Zhengxing Sun, An Interactive Motion Editing Method for Figure Human Animation. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, 2010, 38(123):192–199.

Conference Paper

  • Mofei Song, Zhengxing Sun, Bo Li, Jiagao Hu, Iterative Active Classification of Large Image Collection, The 24th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling, Bangkok, Thailand, February 5-8, 2018.

  • Mofei Song, Zhengxing Sun, Active Classification of Large 3D Shape Collection, The 29th annual IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, Boston, MA, USA, November 06-08, 2017.

  • Youcheng Song, Zhengxing Sun, Mofei Song, Yunjie Wu, Part Detection for 3D Shapes via Multi-view Rendering, The 18th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Harbin, China, September 28-29, 2017.

  • Kai Liu, Zhengxing Sun, Mofei Song, Bo Li, Ye Tian, Iterative Collection Annotation for Sketch Recognition, Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia 2015(PCM2015): Gwangju, South Korea, 2015, 9.16-9.18.

  • Feiqian Zhang,Zhengxing Sun,Mofei Song,Xufeng Lang,Online 3D Shape Segmentation by Blended Learning,21st Anniversary International Conference on Multi-Media Modeling (MMM2015),Sydney,Australia,2015, 1.5-1.8.

  • Mofei Song, Zhengxing Sun,Feiqian Zhang,Irregular Model Synthesis via Boundary Consistency Analysis (poster),Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2014 (SGP2014),Cardiff,United Kingdom,2014, 7.9-7.11.

  • Mofei Song,Feiqian Zhang,Zhengxing Sun,Yan Zhang,Intent-driven model synthesis,Proceedings of International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction 2013 (VINCI2013),Tianjin,P.R. China, 2013, 8.17-8.18.

  • Feiqian Zhang,Zhengxing Sun,Mofei Song,3D Shapes Co-Segmentation by Combining FCM with Random Walks,The 13th International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CAD/Graphics 2013),Hong Kong,2013, 11.16-11.18.

  • Yan Zhang,Zhengxing Sun,Mofei Song,Feiqian Zhang,Interactive image completion with Direction Empirical Mode,Proceedings of 2011 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence(TAAI2011),Chung-Li, Taiwan,2011, 11.11-11.13.

Native Paper

  • 张尧烨,孙正兴,刘凯,宋沫飞,章菲倩,基于条件随机场的三维模型特征线提取方法,电子学报,2014,42 (3),pp. 498-504.

  • 张晔嘉,孙正兴,李晨曦,宋沫飞,基于粒子群优化的三维模型最优视角选择方法,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,2014,62(12), pp 2126-2135.

  • 李晨曦,孙正兴,宋沫飞,章菲倩,一种三维模型最优视角的分类选择方法,智能系统学报,2014,9(1):12-18.

  • 宋沫飞,孙正兴,张尧烨,刘凯,章菲倩,采用单幅草图的正交多面体模型生成方法,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,2012, 24(1):50-59.

  • 刘凯,孙正兴,张尧烨,宋沫飞,章菲倩,采用草绘轮廓的三维人脸建模方法,中国图形图象学报,2011, 15(6):964-970.

  • 张尧烨,孙正兴,李毅,刘凯,宋沫飞,三维人体的草绘建模方法,软件学报,Vol.21(zk),2010,pp:149-157.

  • 章菲倩,孙正兴,张尧烨,宋沫飞,采用单笔画草绘的三维模型编辑方法,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,2010,22(9):1522-1528.

Awards & Honors

  • Second Prize for Science & technology DevelopmentAchievement of the Ministry of Education (国家教育部科技进步二等奖),4/9,2013

Academic Service

  • PC Member:

    • ECAI 2020

    • IJCAI 2020, 2021

  • Reviewer:


    • Pattern Recognition

    • Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation

    • Multimedia Tools and Applications