English Name @ PALM, SEU


Qiao Liu
M.Sc. Student
PAttern Learning and Mining(PALM) Lab
School of computer science and engineering
Southeast University, Nanjing

Supervisor: Professor Hui Xue
Email: qiaoliu@seu.edu.cn



2019.09 ~ Now

M.Sc, Department of School of Computer Science and Engineering , Southeast University, China

2015.09 ~ 2019.06

B.Sc, Department of School of Computer Science and Engineering , Central South University, China

Research Interests

  • Deep spectral kernel

  • Transfer learning

  • Hyperbolic embedding

  • Machine learning

  • Pattern recognition

  • 3D Graphic rendering

Awards & Honors

  • Host “Inertial Motion Capture and unity3d-based Human Animation Generation System” School-level Innovation Training;

  • Host “Research on Human Action Recognition and Energy Consumption Prediction based on Machine Learning” National-level Innovation Training;

  • 3rd Price, the 1st National University Contest on Intelligent Robotic Innovations;

  • 3rd Price, 6th “Huawei Cup” National College Students Intelligent Design Competition;

  • 3rd Price, 4th National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition embedded Invitational Competition;





206, Building of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University.